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Supporting the Cassowary Coast community by providing Information, Referral, Family Support, Counselling, Development and Education Programmes.

Community Support Centre Innisfail
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Community Support Centre Innisfail

Community Support Centre Innisfail Inc (CSCI) manages the Innisfail Multi Service Hub, a purpose built facility owned by the Queensland Department of Communities.

The Innisfail Multi Service Hub has interview/counseling rooms and meeting/workshop rooms available for hire to community groups subject to availability and terms and conditions of use. For further information and rates please contact

For Human Service NGOs there are additional options available for permanent/regular users or rooms and co-location at the hub. Please contact if you wish to explore this further.

Information & Referral Services.
Our Reception contains a store of information about local and regional services and our front-desk volunteers are trained to provide community members with information and referrals to services that are appropriate to their needs.

The Centre produces a Service Directory for the Cassowary Coast which lists contact details for health and welfare services in the district; as well as a Clubs and Organisations Directory. Go to the Directory page to access these documents.

The Talkabout newletter is published bi-monthly by the Centre to provide information and local interest stories and can be accessed on the Newsletter page of this website.

We have numerous other community-based and visiting services that operate out of the Innisfail Multi Service Hub.

Community Support Centre Innisfail is subcontracted by Act for Kids to provide a
Family and Child Connect
service on the Cassowary Coast.

Family and Child Connect is a free service to help families with the challenges of parenthood. It works to connect families to the right services at the right time. Click here to find out more about FACC or to make a referral

Community Support Service
The Community Support Service actively promotes community engagement and social connectedness. We do this via a mix of programs and activities that build personal and social development, promote emotional and physical wellbeing and create and sustain local networks.

Activities undertaken within this service include:

  • Physical Wellbeing groups
  • Social Support Groups
  • Socio-Education Workshops
  • Creative Workshops
  • Personal Development courses
  • Tax Help
  • Publications
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Involvement in community education and community events
  • Community Partnerships

Family Support Service
The Family Support Service provides a range of supports to families residing in Innisfail and surrounds, where parents/carers are needing assistance. A Family Support Worker will help parents clarify the things that they would like to change.

A Family Support Worker may help families work towards goals such as managing children’s behaviour, shopping and cooking on a budget, developing household routines, or parenting during times of stress. A Family Support Worker can assist families to access other services such as housing, emergency relief, legal advice, specialist counselling, etc.

The Community Support Centre Innisfail Family Support Service offers:

  • Generalist Counselling
  • Nutrition, Budgeting, Family Wellbeing Education
  • Parenting Programs
    • Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)
    • Parenting Under Pressure Program (PUPs)
    • Circle of Security Parenting Program (COS)

Referrals including self-referrals can be made by phoning our Reception on 40438400 or emailing

Child Trauma Counselling Service
The Child Trauma Counsellor provides services to support and empower Cassowary Coast children and young people and their families who have experienced trauma, abuse, or sexual assault.

The Child Trauma Counselling Service offers:

  • Counselling for children and young people between 6 and 18 years of age
  • Immediate and ongoing support for families of children and young people who have experienced child sexual assault
  • Protective Behaviour Education for children/young people and their parents/carers
  • Information and referral for clients, service providers and agencies
  • Prevention, early intervention and education services to reduce the impact of child sexual assault within the community

Referrals including self-referrals can be made by phoning our Reception on 40438400 or emailing

Intensive Family Support Service (IFS)

The Cassowary Coast Intensive Family Support Service is available to families residing in the region from Cardwell to Babinda.

The Intensive Family Support Service provides case management and practical support to enable vulnerable families address multiple and/or complex needs and assist families to build their capacity to safely care for and protect their children.

The Intensive Family Support Service offers:

  • Active engagement - working closely with each family to clearly identify their priority areas for support
  • Collaborative case management with a case plan developed in partnership with families, that identifies clear goals and actions
  • Practical in home support, modeling and training in areas such as health and hygiene, daily routines, parenting, budgeting, shopping and cooking
  • Supported referrals to specialists including clinical or therapeutic services
  • Linking to and advocating with universal supports such as housing, health, education

Referrals can be made via the online referral form at

Family Intervention Service (FIS)

The Cassowary Coast Family Intervention Service provides intensive intervention with families referred specifically by Child Safety Service Centres. This Service provides intensive and practical casework with families with the aim of increasing protective factors and resulting in those families exiting the Child Protection System.

While the Service is voluntary for families, the Family Intervention Service Worker will provide supports that have been identified by the Case Plan developed by Child Safety with the family.

The Family Intervention Service offers:

  • Supports to improve family functioning and increase family capability
  • Practical in home support, modeling and training in areas such as parenting, parent-child attachment, nutrition, health and hygiene, budgeting and daily routines
  • Assistance in the reunification of the child with their family from an out-of-home care placement where this is in the child’s best interest

Only Child Safety Service Centres are able to make referrals to Family Intervention Services.

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